The search for happiness and peace in his life is in his thoughts. To understand your mind, you must control it, and always think positive thoughts. We've covered the most well-known Wahegur quote below.

According to Waheguru the name that is universal in India was used to describe God who is sovereign and created all things. Waheguru's art Waheguru is the realization that there is a God who is the first to be recognized before any other religion. Living following the principles of Waheguru life is more peaceful and less concerned.


India The name Waheguru Ji is not the only name; Waheguru Ji is simply a reference to God the creator of everything that exists.

We have compiled the top 100 Waheguru quotes to refresh your mind and make life more practical.


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  1. "Burn Worldly Love, Rub the Ashes and Make Ink of It, Turn the Heart into a Pen, Turn the Intellect into a Writer, Write That Which Has No End or Limit."
  2. "If One Knew How to Truly Die, Death Wouldn't Be Called Bad, O People."
  3. "Say Only What Will Make You Honorable."
  4. "The Fire of Desire, Greed, Arrogance, and Excessive Ego is consuming the world."
  5. "Even the most powerful kings and emperors, with mountains of property and oceans of wealth, are no match for an ant who never forgets God."
  6. "Sing the Songs of Joy to the Lord, Serve the Name of the Lord, and Become the Servant of His Servants."
  7. "Don't be concerned about what others have to say about us. Instead, think about what God thinks about us."
  8. "Give gratitude for what you've earned, and be patient with those things you do not have. If you are unable to, think about your mistakes."
  9. "Without you, I would have no hope."
  10. "Religious is he who regards all men as equal."
  11. "If there is happiness then give humility, if there is sorrow then give courage."
  12. "The key to success is in practicing humility, forgiving those who have hurt you, and speaking kindly to others."
  13. "Even if one spent a lifetime trying to reason their way to a comprehension of God, it is impossible."


  1. "The world is a play that's being performed inside of a dream of Ego."
  2. "One's mind will become shallow if they have shallow intelligence, and as a result, they will eat the fly along with the sweets."
  3. "Let's First Attempt to Become Human Beings Before We Attempt to Become Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, or Christians."
  4. "I Do Not Belong to Either the Male or the Female Species, Nor Am I Sexually Asexual. I Am the One Who Brings Peace, and the Form That I Take Is That of All-Conquering Radiance."
  5. "Thou has a thousand eyes and yet not one eye; Thou host a thousand forms and yet not one form."Everyone should be considered a friend, and we should think of everyone else as an associate."
  6. What is it that makes you so scared Do you think? Flamingos are often seen traveling hundreds of kilometers at a time and leaving their children in the dust. Who feeds them and who shows them to provide for their own needs afterward? Have you ever considered this whatsoever in your mind?
  7. "When it comes to wealth and power, even the most powerful men in the world aren't even comparable to an ant who has realized God."
  8. "What is real, you believe to be a falsehood, and what is temporary, you consider being something that will last forever."
  10. "If you continue to engage in hypocrisy and fixate your thoughts on material things, then your anxiety will never go away."
  12. "God is One, yet He Exists in an Uncountable Variety of Forms. He is the Creator of Everything, and He Takes on the Form of a Human Being Himself."
  13. "Woman is the Cause of These Matters, Including the Production of Children, the Nurturing of Those Who Are Born, and the Everyday Life of Men."
  14. Enjoy peace and tranquility in the safety of your own and the bearer of the death sentence will not be able to reach you."
  15. "It is vital to show your support to all living beings. You Have Made the Universe to Serve as Your Throne."
  16. "Because of People's Ignorance of the Rope, the Rope Looks like a Snake."
  17. "Because of People's Ignorance of themselves, a Transient State Develops That Is Composed of the Individualized, Limited, and Phenomenal Aspect of Themselves."


  1. "Mortals, Their Deaths Have Already Been Predetermined; Enter Into This World!"
  2. "No one on this planet should have to put up with ignorance."
  3. "Whoever has come will leave; everyone will get their chance."
  4. "My mind has been filled to the brim with faith in Him, Nanak says."
  5. "The glory lies at the feet that of Lord Jesus Christ." Lord himself. These people are blessed and the Lord is thrilled with them."
  6. "There is only one God; his name is Truth; he is the Creator; he is without fear or hatred; he does not age; he is beyond the cycle of birth and death; he is self-illuminated, and he is attained through the compassion of the True Guru."